2024.8.8~ 8.10 Guangzhou, China
Opening in      Days.
Application Exhibits Fees Promotion Ads & Sponsorship Feature Exhibitors Booth construction

“Exhibitor Manual” & “Visitor Guide”will be designed and issued by the Organizing Committee, free for exhibitors, visitors, buyers, governments and associations.

Title Sponsor: RMB 880,000

Show Catalogue Ads Fee (RMB)

    Back Cover26,800Inside Front Cover / Title Page15,800Inside Back Cover / Title Page(Back)12,800

    Inside Page(Colored)

6,800Double Page (Colored )/Foldout9,800

Quality Supplier Recommendation




On-site Ads & Sponsorship (RMB) 

       Event Bags(Exclusive)


Exhibitor Badges (Exclusive)


       Visitor Badges (Exclusive)


Exhibition Hall Tittle Sponsor


       Gift Sponsor

   Minimum: 1500pcs gifts/ RMB500 00

Beverage SponsorshipRequired Brand Manufacturer

Minimum: 2000 cases/ RMB42000

        Advertising Stand

Visitor Registration Counter

   Size: 5m Tall*3m Wide

  RMB 28,800 (2 Sponsors/Hall)

Exhibition Hall Entrances

   Size: 5m Tall*3m Wide

  RMB 26,800 (2 Sponsors)

Gate 5 and Gate 6

 Size: 6m Tall*3m Wide

 RMB 29,800 (2 Sponsors)

                                                             Corporate Video Played on Pearl Promenad

A gigantic video wall (4m Height * 9m Width) will be set up at a prominent location on the Pearl Promenade in Area A. The sponsors’ videos will be played in loop throughout the 3 days of exhibition. 

RMB 29800/Company

(Three sponsors only)

Guangzhou, China
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