2024.8.8~ 8.10 Guangzhou, China
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Hydrogen Technologies & Equipment

1. Hydrogen Production & Supply: technologies and equipmentfor hydrogen reforming and production, including natural gassteam reforming, methanol cracking hydrogen production, coalhydrogen production, water electrolysis hydrogen production, chemical hydrogen production, renewable energy hydrogenproduction, etc.;Methane/propane/butane/methanol, pure hydrogen, synthetichydrogen, mixed hydrogen, gasoline/kerosene/solvent oil, hydrogen testing and analyzing equipment.

2. Hydrogen Storage & Transportation: hydrogen storage tanks, hydrogen sensors, distributors, hydrogen storage alloys, hydrogenstorage related materials, hydrogen pipelines, pumps, valves, special transportation vehicles, etc.; related equipment likegas/steam turbines,  frequency  converters,   absorptionrefrigerators, pure water production equipment, grinders, distributors, mixers, cleaning equipment, drying/firing furnaces, computer-aided manufacturing, etc. 

3. Hydrogen Refueling: hydrogenation reactors, high-pressureseparators, hydrogen vehicle transportation bottle sets, hydrogenmetering devices, hydrogen compression systems, hydrogenstorage systems, gas sales systems, control systems, liquidhydrogen transportation vehicles. Hydrogen Applications in Everyday LifeThe applications of hydrogen in everyday life, healthcare, medicine, agriculture, etc

Guangzhou, China
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